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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
I did the same as Runic, but when rymmare said it was coming back to the mysteries, I started considering giving it a try again. We will see.

Also, it didn't come out of no where. The author got a divorce and that's when it changed. Rumors were she got a divorce over the relationships in her books and that her husband was concerned about some of the non-Christian scenes. Crap if you ask me. But what she did to the story as a result ruined it.
I don't know about that. I started reading the series in 2002; our roommate at the time was addicted to them. I followed her on myspace for several years and know that she is a practicing Wiccan. As for Runic Wolf, he didn't understand why she felt the need to add smut to Anita's books when she had a perfectly find series that was smut from the get go.

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