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Default Hostile Much?

Originally Posted by BohemianMLHR81 View Post
I have spent tha last 3 hours reading post after post of what is suppose to be mature secure people who are in the polyamory lifestyle. As a single woman I would run from almost every couple that have posts in here. All I see is insecurities, whining, and jealousy because a partner makes a connection with someone. From my understanding of the difference between Swinging and Polyamory is a connection! Without emotions, feelings, connections all you have is sex! It really makes me wonder if I joined the right site to find mature adults who have sense enough to actually realise that a person can love more than one partner. Some people have no business in either the swinging lifestyle or polyamory.
I am brand spankin' new to these boards and I have certainly found that there are a lot of questions, quite a bit of insecurity, and high intensity emotions abound. Many of what I suspect are the more veteran members (of the board and the community I suppose) go about their relationships in a way that I simply cannot relate to and am currently scratching my head about.

There is a great deal of wisdom here though. I hope that you can calm down long enough to see it.

In case it didn't translate, that's my nice way of saying "Oh please, like your shit doesn't stink"
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