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Boldface does look a little like shouting. Not as bad as all-caps though! Thank goodness we don't have too much of that.

Re (from Klayton, Post #30):
"Long posts where the author doesn't break up the text into paragraphs often annoy me."
Yeah, I hate mile-long paragraphs ... gasp, feels like I'm running out of breath.

Re (from km34, Post #31):
"Apparently this is often an issue when people post from their phones."
Ohhh ...

Still, I don't think that's always the case ... but maybe people are just used to not doing paragraph breaks, due to extensive experience texting on their phone?

On the other hand, I wish *everything* didn't have to be done the same way it's done on a phone. If your keyboard has a carriage return key (the Enter key), please, use it!

I also personally prefer two carriage returns between paragraphs, though I know that's just me. Sure you can do one carriage return and indent (e.g. Tab). But it still seems visually easier for me to have a vertical space in between the paragraphs.

Just my preference!

Re (from Emm, Post #32):
"I don't accept that as a reason. I've yet to encounter an internet-capable phone that doesn't allow the use of a carriage return character."
I take it it's from texting habits from before when any phones were able to "do" the internet. Plus maybe the carriage return isn't easily accessible on a phone? (Although, just because something is a habit, and easier, doesn't make it better.) I just know that it's very accessible from a computer keyboard, so. If you're at the computer ...

Shoot, I have a hard time reading my own messages if I don't break up the text. I cheat a little and use Notepad's automatic wrap-around "feature" to remind me of when I'm putting "too much" in one paragraph.

Unless my post is gonna be, like, one short sentence, I always type it in Notepad first (and save often). And I always proofread before submitting a post. I'm obsessive about that!

Of course, I live in the "old-fashioned world" ... computer only. I rarely text, and when I do, I try to submit the least amount of words possible (preferably one!). Ugh, I hate texting.
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