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Originally Posted by Erosa View Post
I personally was opressed by being expected to repair relationships that were already very messed up. I also was expected to automatically fix the exsisting sexaul problems for the couples I tried to be with.

And lastly, I was opressed in that I was denied love but expected upon pain of wrath and emotional beratement to give it.
Oh that's awful Erosa

I hope those days are over.

Oppression to me is always present. I see it everyday. Feel it everyday and no doubt dish it out everyday. Perhaps some perceive me to be oppressive because of unconscious actions I take or just how I express myself. To me it is a completely human trait that is not seen in nature. It's that niggley thing that makes us cruel to each other. Of course that can be on a larger scale with larger populations also.

As a poly person I try and keep tabs on my feelings of self righteousness that poly rocks! It's a bit of a balance however as I see people in my life struggling with their relationship dynamics and I have to keep myself in check about giving them space to receive my way of life rather than shove it down their throat as I think I am "right" about their relationships. Sure I feel like I am a bit of an authority on relationships and good communication. As it is a passion of mine and a life goal to perfect it for myself, but that doesn't mean others have chosen that. In fact a lot of people seem to be just trying to get through that aspect of life in order to balance out their comfort.

As a woman I experience oppression daily. As a poly woman I experience it also in terms of what traditional roles are and how I have two men to satisfy. Some of my female friends chose to think I am crazy. They see men as children that need to be coddled and in some way forgiven for their short comings about not being able to multitask, or for whining that they don't get to go out on their motorbike because they have to mow the lawn etc... talk about reverse oppression! If that is a term? I dunno, maybe I made it up?!

Some of my women friends think that I am a princess in a gilded cage that is taken care of by her two men. They think I am somehow owned by them as a toy they play with. These women I wonder, might wonder, what makes me so special that I have two men? What's her secret that she can be waited on hand and foot in some kind of condescending way. What has she given up in order to do so... in other words they think I am oppressed by either version they believe.

I could go on, as I have a lot more to say, but I will leave it at that for now as I want to hear others first.

Besides Mono is here chatting my ear off ....grrrrr he's oppressing me by with incessant talking. Hahaha! heh

(thanks LR for starting this thread, made me happy )
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