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Default Impressive conversation

I've returned, and feel fortunate to be among such deeply thoughtful people. I can see Creation's wisdom playing out in your thoughts and its beauty! Thank you!
As a Christian Minister who is Pagan I would offer these simple things to contemplate. First - the Bible is a living history of Creator communicating with humans, and humans failing to understand. This failure is acceptable to Creation, and is seen as failure only from our perspective. Second - the Bible is not exclusive in this Universal conversation..."Religions" all need to get over themselves in this way...Authority is not in the hands of humanity, but in the Spiritual nature of the Multiverse we are equally part of.
Because we're talking Bible, let's keep the conversation accurate. Old Testament is the 'old testimony'...This is historical in nature, and is context for the 'New Testimony'
Christ, His removal of all sin, His example of the Spiritual path, and His sacrifice to change the laws of the physical plane for all spirits comming here should be the conversation.
If anyone sees sin in another humans behaviors, including their own - they have sinned. Christ made it clear...the process and law of free agency is the good news!
To execute this self governing law in Christ's spiritual path example is the plan of Creation. Do unto others - because they are you. Love all things as Creator - because all things are part of the Creator.
Two Souls, making the shared commitment to express their love through free agency by sharing their bodies and sexual experiences with others, is Holy Matrimony. Not because I say, not because a religion says...but because they seek honest shared expressions of Free Agency....
Bless you all for making our world more honest!
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