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EVERY time he meets someone-he thinks she's "the newest one". So far, all but one exploded in a HUGE nightmare. The one that didn't-was truly a lot of work on her part and mine to save his ass from the multiple boundaries broken.

EVERY time-there are boundaries broken.
Every time-he wants the boundaries changed to be more lenient.
Every time-when it ends, he is dead set on those boundaries being put in place again (for me).

(my one other relationship has remained solid the whole time)

I don't want a play partner, but he knows full well that the reason is because I don't have TIME right now.
In the past I have had many and enjoyed it to its fullest-but with school and the kids school-I don't have time.

At any rate, it's not that I expect our situations to be mirrored. Thats silly.
But I have a big problem with him saying its ok for him to kiss some random person "in order to decide if there is chemistry", but not ok for me to. It's neither here nor there to me, that I have no intention of doing so-it's about respect and that his attitude leaves me feeling like I'm not being respected.

(Ciel-I have called him out over the boundaries being broken-and we went rounds again over it this last weekend. No boundaries have been broken currently-but I'm not interested in going through it AGAIN. To me-it's just NOT that hard to come home and say-look, I want to make a change. Or come home and say Hey-I want to do xyz".
As a rule of thumb, I'm pretty much open to anything-as long as he accepts that for every privilege he requests, he needs to be willing to allow me the same privilege IF I WANT IT. I'm sick of being treated like I should allow him to do whatever the hell he pleases while I kiss his ass and insecurities and don't do anything JUST because I ALREADY have a boyfriend.
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