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I read your blog entry. Welcome.

From the blog, I gather you guys are still in the process of redefining this next installment of your relationship and what role (if any) Colada will play in it.

You have split up bedrooms and cohabitate and coparent. You both work. He's seeing Colada -- and I get the impression you both are hoping it will end up like that M woman -- a dominant to both of you? But minus the cheat/messy aspects of it? She'd be the hinge in your V or it would be a triad situation?

I've got my own chronic patient stuff and been through eldercare for Dad stuff and while this is not the same as losing a child and being in hospital, I can appreciate the HUGE ding to family life a major health crisis can take and the yearning for a break, and someone to come nurture YOU for a change when you are in recovery from grief or from illness. You have BOTH grief and illness recovery to do.

My response was to def stay closed to just me and DH. You are going the other way -- opening up and hoping that the sister of the most recent ex will better suit the bill despite her unwillingness to meet you. (Odd choice!)

This situation has many serious challenges to overcome to succeed. I don't think you guys are starting out with the best odds ever but I do sincerely wish you well and hope you arrive at the place you need to be at.


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