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Hello everyone...

I've been a bit timid to put this post up... But I think that it's time.

I'm a 21 year old single, bisexual woman. I'm 5'7'', of medium/slim but curvy frame with dark hair and eyes and very, very fair skin.

My personality is somewhat quirky as I'm hyper creative. I write, sing, read, and love all things that have to do with the creation of other worlds through art.

I am seeking a polyamorous couple, triad, or other arrangment that I can join. Location is not important to me as I am willing to move for a good arrangment. However I would like everyone to understand that I want to get you know you WELL befor I would consider doing that.

I would prefer people who are in good physical health as far as apearence. Age is open as long as everyone is over 18. The one thing I truly have no tolerance for anyone with a history of sexual misconduct.

Other than that, I'm open to getting to know anyone. People interested and active in arts/music/writing are a plus.

Cannot wait to meet and get to know you.
- All my Love.