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Well, every relationship has rights and responsibilities.. Those are mine.

To me? You seem to be exercising your responsibility to know and state your needs and wants and limits for some attention in the transition time even as he undergoes NRE. You are reporting your inner emotional weather. Check.

He's trying to hear your need and respond. You seemed satisfied with the response yesterday. Check.

Today you feel in the pits again. Before you go thinking he's shirking and denying you your right to support and nurture... step back a bit.

Seriously? In a day? I'd chalk it to emotional storm and not anything he's failed to do. Let the feelings blow on through and don't stress over it and make it more than it needs to be.

There's only 24 hrs in a day. There's 8 hrs to sleep, 8 hrs to work, 3 hrs to cook and eat his meals, that leaves 5 hours for work commute, chores around the house, bills, gym, and connecting with his people -- even just his friends to go play soccer or something.You also mention he's stressed out at work and things.
It's not all about girlfriends!

In LDR? How is "affection" normally expressed? Does he have to text you/call you at certain times? What's missing today that you got yesterday? And why are you feeling so blah about it?

Are you "what iffing" things in your head too much? What needs of yours are still unmet?

My anthropology friend told me once that women take 30,000 words a day and men take 15,000 words a day to feel healthy/good. It also takes 7 people interactions per day to feel alright.

So if he's a guy, and you had a big talk yesterday could he just be tapped on his wordiness for a bit? Are you seeing your 7 people interactions a day? At work, friends, relatives, etc? Or expecting him to be all 7?


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