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Thank you, Illusion. I met him about a year and a half ago. He is in an open marriage. Over his lifetime he has had many, many partners and retained them as good friends (I have seen this first hand). There is a "core family" of men and women. He's been married over 20 years and has two kids. I like his wife just fine, and I hope it is the same for her. She and I are still a bit awkward with each other but I think it's my inherent shyness that fuels that. They both have great senses of humor, share everything, and he worships her. I feel blessed to know him and the other men and women in their group, but I find I like the women better. LOL Is that normal? I'm a heterosexual, older woman but not concerned with boundaries in that matter since its all just "human sexuality." I suppose that one reason I am more relaxed with the women is because they ARE comfortably bi-sexual. But my focus is on him, and we've bonded, while he's taken it very slowly.
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