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Again, Galagirl has some great advice (you're making a habit of this, GG!)

Originally Posted by VegasMamma View Post
She told me personally that she no longer wants him to have a sexual relationship with me (This may also stem from them only having sex together twice in the last 7 months). I'm extremely hurt by this, and don't agree with that decision
Well, you may well be hurt, but you have to remember that she never really completely gave full permission for you two to have sex in the first place, even though you thought that was the case.

You said in your intial post "It was always said that there was no problem with me sleeping with him if the opportunity ever arose." - Who said that to you - him or her? I mean did she say that directly to you, or did he tell you that she was ok with it? Do you have that in an email or something? Have you asked her whether she remembers saying that? Do you remember the context of the statement?

If you don't mind me asking - how on earth could the three of you live together in the same house and her not know that he was having sex with you?

Originally Posted by VegasMamma View Post
but as her friend I told her I will respect her wishes and will let her know if he pushes for it. I really hope she changes her mind, because as I stated before I really don't want to be with anyone else.
This whole relationship needs to have the "PAUSE" button pushed until everyone has time to get this whole thing sorted out.

What has HE said about all of this? He is the one that seems to have been either accidentally or deliberately responsible for this. Not only that, but "messing around" with an ex without either of you knowing about it. I'd say that there were some major trust issues that need to be worked through - if not, how can you ever trust him about any aspect of your relationship? You can't rely on your friendship with his other partner for everything. He needs to take ownership of what he is doing.

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