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Originally Posted by Test4truth View Post
Thank you for your reply Castalia, it sounds like we all have the ability to come to this form of love and exceptance and that were all not hard wired to be either mono or poly.
That is one philosophy. Hard wiring does indeed play a large part in what types of activities/persuasions we are "likely" to adopt. The trick is that it does not decide *entirely* what we can do.

I for one agree with a dear friend who classified polyamory as an "orientation". Meaning that it is something we are either wired to accept or not. As with any behavioral genetic hard wiring there is room for negotiation, but there comes a time when we are either mono or poly, gay or straight, skeptic or sheep. Note that this is my opinion, not scientific fact.

On the other hand, how can we know if we can adopt a new philosophy until we try? How can we know for sure that we won't be able to embrace a new way of life if we don't look into it, do some reflection, talk to people of like mind? So I say you are taking a big step and looking down the path of polyamory. Who knows if it will be something that will add value to your life - but at least you're giving it a whirl.
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