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Mostly what you need to do is really discuss what you want in life-then start taking steps to make it possible in your life.
For example, living somewhere that you COULD have more people living.
Socializing in groups that share real life interests with you and meeting people in those groups.
Talking about what you really feel/want in life.

In real life situations the biggest thing I see "holding people back" from their dreams, is their unwillingness to openly and honestly express those dreams to the people around them.

If you keep everything to yourself-then the people around you who MIGHT also be wanting the same things-will never know it...

Does that make sense??

Also-be sure you know the details of what you want. It's a good step to know you are interested in another couple to make a quad. But are you looking to date someone, live with them? Kids (yours, theirs or both)? working or at home for everyone or some and if some who?

I found in the book Opening Up-that the lists she made to consider before taking on new partners or opening up your marriage were invaluable to really getting discussions going between Maca (my husband) and I. There were so many things we never thought of that DID matter to one or the other of us!
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