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I've been following the series for years and for a while it slipped away from being a story and moved into being what you've heard described, Ciel, but the last 5-6 books or so, she's really come back to the story, her job, the cases, and how her relationships play a roll in her decision making. I do like her self analysis and her desire to stop picking at her relationships and let them grow naturally. Especially regarding some of her more recent lovers who she is still trying to figure out how they will fit into her life. The most recent book talks alot about time management and how she isn't always sure that there is enough of her to go around.

Runic Wolf gave up on the series when it started becoming nothing but smut with her trying to weave a story around it. He doesn't dislike smut, but felt mislead because it was a genuinely interesting series before she added the smut and it came out of no where.
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