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People sound like they are calming from the initial heat of the moment. That's is good.

Glad you are feeling better today in yourself.

Glad also that the branch of "your relationship to her" is doing better and she's not blaming you for this like you were out to get her or something. You both are on the same page about the ex not being welcome in your home is good -- that just adds to the messy.

Hopefully he's on board with that also when you talk to him alone, when she talks to him on that alone, and when you all talk about it to him in trio.

Keep working on all the branches that took a ding one at a time and do your best to avoid triangulation or the game of "two of you ganging up on me" obfuscating issues.

Perhaps his assumption was that the women would sort it out among themselves? Who knows what assumptions he had? Gonna have to find out and air those views.

But def continue to take it one thing at a time, sort it one thing at a time, take it slow, and everyone BREATHE. If the goal is still a harmonious, cohabitating "V" situation, let's all keep the overall mission in mind despite bumps in the road as you sort yourselves out.


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