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Oh for sure, I would say it's time to create some boundaries and privacy for yourself, but it sounds like you will want to specifically tell her this is what you're doing, or she may get upset if you just stop telling her things and she "finds out" you had sex and didn't mention in, etc. It sounds like you're comfortable sitting down and doing that though, so that's great.

Probably not going to be a fun conversation. I wont assume either way that you mind or don't mind sharing everything with her (though I will hope it wasn't also a request from your bf also - ie "if you date me you have to share 100% details with my other partner") By the time you feel involved enough with somebody to call them your SO instead of your BF, it would be nice if she was used to your presence and expected that you WERE having sex, and that there's no reason to mention where you went to dinner unless it's a cool new place you think she'd like or you got food poisoning. Phew sometimes I wonder if people who request this sort of information expect to still be told each time sex happens 5-10 years down the road.

Then again, maybe she is very ready to stop sharing so much, but either forgot she asked you to share everything, or doesn't have the tools to figure out how to ask you to stop without appearing rude (I'm an eternal optimist, what can I say)
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