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ok, don’t take anything I say here the wrong way, not criticizing, just trying to understand.

You said secondary’s are like people you date, but aren’t super serious yet, what if it becomes super serious? do you consider them a second primary? I would have assumed if they move in its serious and I would have assumed bills/rent/etc would start when they move in,

... or do secondary’s get extra benefits (no chores/bills) because they are still seen as a guest even when its serious and long term? Or are secondary’s usually only ok with being “second” for so long so it usually doesn’t last long enough to be considered “permanent” hence the guest type benefits?

clearly I’m very new to this so it feels over my head, just trying to wrap around everything, and I know everyone peobubly has their own situation that works for them, I guess im just trying to figure out what the "norm" is that seems to work for most people and how it works
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