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Dating anyone with kids is hard, no matter what the age it seems. Runic Wolf tried dating when our son was in pre-school and because he was the primary care taker while I was working and going to school, it meant that his girlfriend ended up spending more time with our son than I did because we did not have alot of money for us to go out, let alone them. Eventually, I couldn't handle it because I felt like I was being replaced on multiple levels. Now, as a parent of a pre-teen, dating a married man with a teenager, it doesn't seem to have gotten any easier at least on the time management front. Our kids come first, which means that we are squeezing in cuddles and affection after game nights or practices once our son, Yoda, has gone to bed (which is even later in the summer time). Runic Wolf is great about giving us privacy if we ask for it, but it really isn't the same as having time to ourselves. Last week we lucked out and had an hour of alone time because Yoda was at summer camp. But those "dates" are usually 5-6 months or more apart. It seems that everytime we have one planned, one of our kids ends up being home from school sick. So I can sympathize.

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