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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Guys, just in case you weren't aware, dating a married woman with an infant, a full-time job, and time-intensive hobbies is REALLY HARD for all involved!!! Worth it, for me, with this woman, no question whatsoever on that score, but hard.
Being the working mother with and infant is REALLY REALLY HARD and exhausting both emotionally as well as physically. It puts serious strain on marriages (since the beginning of time) and even more strain on outside relationships. Pregnancy is hard, but the first two years after the baby is born is even harder. My suggestion would be to try for "alone" dates only once a month and the rest of the time, do stuff were Bee can come with, even if you never leave the house. Planning life with a baby takes an entire whole new way of thinking. It's just easier to stay out of restaurants, get stuff to go and have a picnic. Getting out for even 2 hours is a major accomplishment. It's easy to try and do too much, but you must remember, babies like routine and familiar places and breaking with the status quo for more than short burst makes them really cranky, which will make everyone cranky.
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