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Originally Posted by Mommyinthecloset View Post
im clearly very new to this but.. secondaries dont have responcibilities? (chores/bills/etc?)
There was a discussion on the forums a while back (I'm on my phone so searching for it isn't an option) that discussed the roles of secondaries vs primaries. Basically, what I took away was that a primary was someone you lived with and shared responsibilities such as chores, bills, taking care of any kids, etc. Secondaries, on the other hand, were more like friends or someone you were dating but you weren't super serious with yet. You'll do stuff like to out with them, pay for their meals, whatever, but you wouldn't pay their house or rent payment for them.

Maybe I'm wrong, but to me, that's the difference between a primary and a secondary. I don't expect anyone that is my secondary to be responsible for stuff and don't expect to be held responsible for it either.
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