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Originally Posted by mimi1002 View Post
She requested I tell her everything. From where we go to dinner to how we have sex. She says it makes her feel better knowing everything. So I complied. But then she seems to get huffy. I have no intention of rubbing anything in her face. At this point I think we have a lot of "oversharing" going on in an attempt to include everyone. It's time to sit down and discuss how much privacy each of us needs. Just because we share an SO does not mean that we need to share everything. At least I don't.
She requested, or demanded? A request is something you can refuse with no harm done.

If you have a relationship with him, then that relationship deserves its own privacy. Does she tell you everything that she and her partner do - how they have sex? If so, how do you feel about that?

and, to echo what others are saying - if you do not see a triad working, but a V being fine, then nobody should be coercing you into that.

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