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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
I agree that she might be trying to one-up you, or assert being primary but on the other hand...YOU are the one bringing up what your SO had done for or to you, what is your motivation? Perhaps you should keep that stuff to yourself, maybe she is misreading you and thinking you are trying to rub things in her face? If you're not, maybe you shouldn't take it as a negative when shes responding, maybe she is just sharing information and including you in their long term friendship and history (one of the things new members of a triad often talk about is how they feel like they are left out of the original couple's long history).
She requested I tell her everything. From where we go to dinner to how we have sex. She says it makes her feel better knowing everything. So I complied. But then she seems to get huffy. I have no intention of rubbing anything in her face. At this point I think we have a lot of "oversharing" going on in an attempt to include everyone. It's time to sit down and discuss how much privacy each of us needs. Just because we share an SO does not mean that we need to share everything. At least I don't.
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