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[QUOTE=mercury;143820We can have this argument all day; you're not gonna convince me that I can't feel the way I do. I do believe some poly couples are more poly than others. Some are just calling themselves poly but are closer to being mono-minded with permissiveness.[/QUOTE]
Mercury, it's one thing to have an opinion - you are right - as they say, "opinions are like assholes - everyone has one". We each judge things based on our own set of morals, ethics and paradigms. I don't think that anyone is going to deny you that.

The problem often in cases like this is that statements about personal opinions on things are phrased to make them seem like global statements. You mean it as your opinion based on your own values, but they sound like some sort of global valuation.

The difference between "In my opinion, based on my feelings, this person is less poly than the other" and "This person is less poly than the other" is absolutely one of scope - the qualifications in the first make it legitimate and not up for debate, The second one often causes debates exactly like this one. I have learned that when it comes to the written word, especially on the internet, it's good to make sure that some of the usually assumed caveats are explicitly added.

the usual path of this discussion that I have seen before, is that the person says "well, of COURSE it's my opinion, everyone should know that" - which of course, is making yet another global statement...

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