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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
Thursday's happen to be the highlight of my week now, as that is the day I meet up with a group of people I now consider to be my best friends. I may not talk to any of them the rest of the week, except on fb, but meeting up with them once a week (usually as a group), to just sit and chat, watch movies, sew, etc is wonderful. Obviously not everyone can make it every week, but we try. The routine helps build that closeness, especially when the rest of the week is taken up with family and work activities. If I didn't have the set schedule, I'd probably never see them.
This was unfortunately exactly the type of group this cheating disaster has affected. All female particpants are part of the pow-wow (not an actual pow-wow btw, hadn't thought it might be offensive to Native American people o_0).

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hi Blackie,
It could be a misinterpretation on my part, as often can happen when reading the written word rather than hearing something expressed in person, but something is coming across in your last post that belies your statement that you are "quite content." You sound a bit angry and fed up.

I don't think isolating is the way to go now, for you, but perhaps you need a new set of friends. People who are able to really be friends without serving their own interests first, and who act with maturity and compassion. Keep looking, good people are out there. And be sure to be kind to yourself.
You are so right as always. I joined a self-help group for autistic women, and plan to talk to my psychologist about getting a diagnosis in order after she returns from holidays.
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