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So everyone's in a crisis right now. Also, people seem to think I am the expert on what has been going on for the last two years. Everyone is very interested in hearing my perspective on things.

Now that I now longer wish to share that perspective, they are all turning to Flattie to hear "her side of the story". People are struggling with deciding on whose side to be on.

Especially one friend has taken the role of main confidante and supporter of the wife. This supporter friend contacts me all the time and asks me to give my perspective on stuff, if I have any news, what do I think etc. I don't want to talk to her but I feel I have to. This friend is a terrible gossip and basically lives for relationship drama. She is flourishing in this situation.

I like everyone involved and want to stay away. Everyone is gathering together on Friday and Saturday to talk this over, but I don't want to participate. So until then, I avoid phone and FB .
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