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Default Some background on the situation now

My friend Flattie has been after a married man for two years now. She got out of one relationship, which had lasted for five years and was her first one, to be with this man. She wanted to platonic life partners, since the man was still involved with the wife. She didn't like the wife and vice versa.

Now the situation has finally blown up in everyone's faces. Flattie started saying her prospective partner is mentally ill for staying married with a woman who was making him so unhappy and that he should be admissioned to hospital. She wanted to move in with the man. She moved to the same city to be with him, away from the wife. She said that they were stricly study buddies (she had applied to the university to study the same subject, which she previously vehemenently derided and said she had no interest in).

She (Flattie) moved in with him, that man she had pursued, about a year ago. She said it just until she could find her own place to live in eventually. The housing project he was living in questioned him, because he was supposed to be living there by himself and they were not married but instead, he was supposed to have a regular address at his wife's home. Flattie got very angry and threatened to kill herself. She almost convinced him to move out of there to be with her and live together farther away.

Flattie eventually got her own place in the new town but continued living basically together with her "best friend", essentially spending every night together. She started telling me in the beginning of this year that they were sleeping together everynight, huddled close together, with little to no clothes. This was right around the time my own relationship with Vanille started to go south, and I didn't know what to think.

During this two years, Flattie has gotten increasingly physically demonstrative with her love interest. She kisses him on the mouth every time they meet, continues kissing and cuddling and stroking him and asking if he feels good. She has initiated sex two times, but according to her, has been turned down. She is very touchy-feely in public and spends most of the time, when we are in public somewhere, in his lap. At first she didn't sit in his lap when the wife was present, or touch him, but now she has also gotten the wife to sit with them, holding hands and crying together.

Flattie says she is his best friend, special friend, something no one else, especially his wife, can never be to him. He is reluctant to make other friends. He is clinically depressed. They are having a major relationship crisis with the wife. Flattie is telling the wife that she should just let Flattie take care of her man and rest. Flattie has suggested Flattie to take charge of his treatment and become his guardian in a way, and that the wife should give up and accept the situation.
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