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The date went okay. There was no kiss stealing - I'm not generally that bold on a first date (maybe I should be? heh). To me the first date with someone off the internet is generally to make sure they are who they have said they are, and I am confident in that. We got coffee and chatted for a couple hours. Conversation went easily along, there weren't any major things we disagreed on (politics, religion, etc). I'm unsure if this will be a dating thing, or a friends thing.

I'm not very practiced at dating. Three of my four "significant" relationships have all happened after there were months of chatting online and on phone, so by the time a face to face happened, there were already some sort of feelings there, and the romance blossomed easily and without effort. The "fourth" - Marty - we'd been chatting online with a couple video chats for a couple weeks before we met, we had one family get together to make sure we were who we said we were, and then on our first solo date, spent about five hours wandering around and talking, then snuggled during a movie, which led to our first kiss, which over the next couple weeks continued to escalate romantically/sexually.

The woman I saw last night - I think I will call her Pink, heh - I literally had just sent her an initial email yesterday morning. We emailed back and forth all morning/early afternoon so I impulsively asked her out, and we determined we were both free last night, so, yeah. It is the first time I've gone on a date without already having such a "feel" for the person from hours and hours of online and/or phone chatting and already having affectionate feelings in place. So while I enjoyed the conversation, managed to flirt a bit, and would like to see her again - I'm just not certain where things go from here.
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