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Default Hey everyone!

Hello everyone! I was sent here by a friend who was following my blog, my story in short mode: Im heather, married for 7 years now, and a while ago I came to the realization I was a lesbian, recently I accepted it myself and started a blog to help me deal with it as well as to share my story as it unfolds and get some support from my readers.. its been immensely helpful to say the least, and I recently came to the realization that monogamy was not for me.

I love my husband and do not want to leave him, but I am also drawn to have a relationship with a woman, I have my husbandís blessing on the condition that I donít use this as an excuse to shop around for a "brain replacement" (so I guess that would make him my primary according to forum lingo, go me im learning already!) anyways, my situation seems very ....unique.... but allot more normal around here... so im hoping I can make some friends and find a new place to fit in on these forums and maybe even get some support from time to time.
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