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Originally Posted by km34 View Post

I don't think it is YOUR or OUR place to decide "how poly" someone is.
Actually, yes, I am allowed to judge "how poly" I think a person is. The same way I am allowed to judge a person as more nice than another person. We're all entitled to our opinions of how such-and-such a person is. Would you tell me that I'm not allowed to say one cook is better than another cook? Would your response be: "Well, there are just different types of cooks who have different skills and different approaches to cooking. YOU can't judge who is a better cook than another."

Really? I can't? Sure, I can.

It is not YOUR place to tell me that I am not allowed to have an opinion on "how poly" a person is.

You're assuming some sort of harshness on this judgment. Maybe, maybe not.

I can determine that a couple is less poly than another couple and not feel strongly about either couple.
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