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Originally Posted by allen001 View Post
yeah i share my sexual relationship details.
Originally Posted by Emm View Post
I hope you inform all your partners of this before there's anything to tell.
I've never needed a formal go ahead from any of my lovers to share information about sexy times with my gf. It just seems to be obvious from the get go that everyone is pleasantly titlillated by hearing about what I do with the other. My longterm gf miss pixi just feels compersion, and my male lovers feel aroused and excited to hear about what she and I do. I guess I just feel drawn to people who are an open book in that area.

Now that miss p and the Ginger and I are moving from a V to a triad, slowly and cautiously, and have shared sex twice, feeling secretive about any one on one times would be ... pointless? But that's just our experience and our comfort zone. Not that I share every detail every time I get to have sex with either, but I just don't feel the need to hide things.
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