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Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
....About 3 yrs ago, I met someone and we developed an intense connection. I thought about trying to open the relationship up, but a mutual friend suggested I only had the 7 yr itch and to leave it alone. So I continued hooking up with this guy, which my partner eventually found out about. He wasn't completely thrilled, but I don't think he was worried since the other guy was in an open 30 yr relationship. My addiction to alcohol and drugs spiraled out of control and I spent the next couple of years battling my addiction.

Fast forward to now. Clean and sober for one year, I again start meeting people and having sex.... At this time, my partner and I don't have sex, he has no desire for sex...
Whether or not you're concerned about "honesty" as it relates to your relationships and/or polyamory....I'm thinking if you intend to stay clean and sober that "honesty" is ESSENTIAL in every aspect of your life. Recovery is a program of honesty...with yourself and with others. (And I believe that the word "Rigorous" often precedes the word "honesty") If you don't have your won't have much of anything in your life as I"m sure you've already experienced when your addiction spiraled out of control.

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