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I have no idea.
I can't begin to explain why he gets so caught up in NRE (everytime) that he breaks boundaries.

His double standard is because he wants what he wants when he wants it-but he never wants to share me. Period.

As for her drama-hell if I know.

We had it out Friday night.
We went camping-for our 13th anniversary. We went round and round it was nasty-and ended up back home by 2 am.

It was regarding the b.s. with her needing to be cleared up. A lot of shit was said. I won't repeat.

Saturday he apologized for getting caught up in NRE with her (in detail) and breaking boundaries-and airing his frustrations to her all winter (which resulted in her nasty attitude towards me) without giving her the WHOLE story for each incident he vented to her about.
Much of the issues were related to my severe Seasonal Depression. I was suicidal and valiantly reaching out for help-but winter really isn't good for me, it's been getting worse each year and the meds don't help. It was a HORRIBLE winter and I nearly ended up self-admitted, in the psych ward at the hospital.

But-she got the "he was frustrated and at his wits end" versions of all of the issues.

ANYWAY-they're talking via text. No idea if they are going to meet up or not face to face.

It's summer-so all in all I'm doing ok psychologically.

We did finally get to talk this weekend about my NEED to connect emotionally in order to feel connected and while I understand he NEEDS to connect Sexually (which I enjoy also) it isn't enough for me and if I'm going to ensure he gets the sexual connection I also need him to ensure I get the emotional connection.
I think I finally managed to express myself in a way that made sense without coming across bitchy (wonders may never cease, I'm much better at being a bitch)

We've managed since Saturday (when we rehashed the argument Friday-minus the bullshit) to get back on track with getting our needs met and addressed how things can move forward regarding her-and how they can not> (Specifically they can't move forward involving me socially until he clears up with her the misinformation that came to be reality on account of him venting one sided information and confidential info to her about me).

So, they're talking. Who knows where that will go. I'm not worried about it as much now that we've gotten straight where things stand with me and us.

But-I'll be posting about it I'm sure.
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