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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Totally agree Mono. Imaginary put a lot of thought into this and came up with something that really makes sense to me. Thank you for that imaginary.

There is one thing missing for me and that is the original thoughts of the OP, which was to talk about oppression. A thread on oppression in regards to poly would be a great idea. Its a very valid topic. Perhaps someone would be interested in talking about it on another thread without quoting someone on this forum? I would love to discuss those thoughts from that perspective personally.

I am suspecting I have been "ignored" at this point. If I start a thread on something would the person who has chosen to ignore me see that thread and be able to respond on it? Or does the whole thread simply not exsist to them? Just a thought.
I'm reading you... What about oppression and poly would you like to talk about m'dear?

I'm so stoked about reading Imaginary's posts I almost want to copy them to my computer to reread tonight!
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