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I am super sleepy but trying to stay awake. I have a potential client I've been trying to talk to and she's finally online. At 11:30 at night >.<

I got into a pretty heated argument with someone who told me my marriage doesn't count and I am going to end up harming my children for life because I am pursuing this type of lifestyle. But in the process I stuck up for a friend who recently had a 3some with her hubby and another girl and who I think has a very poly out look on love. I was hurt over the way the woman talked about poly, especially since she clearly has no idea what she's talking about but I am thankful that I have enough education in this to help out a friend that is going through issues.

I've also decided that J needs to stay in the friends category. I would love to have him as a lover but he just doesn't understand the poly way of thinking and I realize someone would get hurt if I tried to pursue it. Probably me.
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