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Originally Posted by Thinspirit View Post
Her establishing that she's been given everything you've been given could be reflecting insecurities she has on her end in an effort to stake some sort of primary claim to the relationship.
This was exactly what I was thinking. Now I don't have any experience really with a poly relationship, as I'm still working that all out for myself at the moment. But I know that people do this all the time in all types of relationships when they feel threatened. My best friend does it when I tell her about something sweet my boyfriend has done for me. It's called "one upping" someone. Where the other person tries to make themselves seem more important or downplay your special moment, so they don't feel inferior to you. It's her problem, not yours though. If I were you, I'd talk to your boyfriend about it and then if it doesn't get resolved, sit down and talk about it as a group.
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