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Thanks, you guys, your words are helpful. Emm, I love that article and have shown it to my husband before. I think there's a lot of other stuff going on here, including me feeling like my life is dictated by other peoples' schedules; it's extremely difficult for me to not only have enough time to myself, but to have hardly any time with my husband and my partner. I get panicky and sad about it all, and I'm sure that I lash out and get disproportionately angry about some things.

Last night, I spent time with my partner (which was negatively influenced by the argument my husband and I had before I left); today, as I left my partner, we got into a difficult discussion and I was late getting home, which meant that my husband was late picking up his girlfriend, and I feel like the fallout from this is going to last for weeks. Sigh. I hate this. It feels like there's always some sort of issue going on that needs to be discussed; I'd just like a bit of a breather from time to time!
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