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Originally Posted by mimi1002 View Post
A lot of the time when I talk about something that SO has done for me or to me, his GF points out to me that "yeah, he did that for or to me, years ago". For some reason this is rubbing me the wrong way.
Because, it's RUDE. TOtally rude! I am in an MFM V-and I'm the F. I would NEVER EVER EVER do that to either of my men, becuase IT IS RUDE. She is likely doing it as a way to make herself feel as though she's still special. But, that doens't in anyway change the fact that her actions are unkind and rude and they should desist. Your moments together are yours and should be left at that.
Frankly, I'd stop sharing some of the info, pointedly and if asked why, I'd explain that it leaves you feeling unloved and unappreciated when those remarks are made.
I don't care that they did this or that but I really don't want it pointed out all the time. I don't know if this is jealousy or what. It just feels like nothing in our relationship is novel or "just ours". Like there is no "specialness" to our relationship. I'm not sure if this is my issue or her's. I mean, perhaps she feels the same way. That the "specialness" of their relationship is gone because he is now doing all these things with me. I would like to talk to her about it but any input would be appreciated.
I think that she likely IS feeling precisely this way-and that's why she's doing it. Which doesn't make it right or beneficial-and I do suggest you two talk about it-on calm quiet relaxed ground.

Good luck.
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