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Default Monday - A Unique Outlook

This isn't directed at anyone, about anyone, or because of anyone. It's something I've been thinking about after a conversation I had and after seeing lots of revelation type posts on fetlife, which I joined for their poly groups.


The Shallow End
By Kyle

Society teaches me that you're fat,
But I'm shallow,
And you've never been healthier.

Society teaches me you're beautiful,
But I'm shallow,
And you're anorexic.

School teaches me you're not very smart,
But I'm self-centered,
And you're just bad at taking tests.

School teaches me that I can cheat through life,
But now I'm a burden on society,
And now you have to support me.

Church tells me you're a sinner,
But my marriage is crumbling,
And you and your three spouses couldn't be happier.

Church teaches me that you're a fag,
But I'm a closet homo,
And you don't have to hide who you are.

The government teaches me that you're scum,
But before you it was the blacks,
And we hate you because we want your oil.

The government teaches me that you're an illegal alien,
But they give you tons of benefits to come here,
And at least you can sleep without fear of being killed.

Common sense teaches me that I shouldn't judge others,
But being judged has jaded my views,
And it's easier than facing my own flaws.

Common sense teaches me that I should accept others for who they are,
But everything in life is working against that,
And common sense really isn't common anymore.

I'm shallow, conceited, pompous, and intolerant,
But you know what?
So are you.


Everyone has had thoughts like the one above or one of a million other combinations. We are all judgmental. Work on making yourself better. Stop worrying about others, both what you think about them and what they think about you.
"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is the regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." - Sydney Smith

Kyle: 27 year old male
Katie (rymmare): 25 year old female
Kids: girl: 5 years old, boy: 3 years old

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