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Hard to focus on work, as this is still on my mind a coupla hours later... I guess what I'm most worried about is the fling is young (22) and my guy is 43. The boy demonstrated that jealousy streak a little bit... and coupled with the judgmental side that came out a little (insecurity), I realize there was just a couple of competitive barbs that were put out there... and a little bit of staking claim.

My guy is really excited about the boy, and is more of a logical sort than a feeler (like myself), so in some cases, I'm left to sort through my feelings unless I can explain them in a real logical way. I'm not even thinking about the sex they're having as an issue for me... it's just more about the jealousy streak... where does it come from? More than likely it would come after the boy might've idealized my BF and their connection together. And he might work (judgmental side and other) to wedge a little between us, in a competitive way (insecurity tossed in, as well). I noticed a couple hints of the competitive nature regarding me at the lunch already. This is the tough thing to process as I know they'll be spending the rest of the day together. Or, is this just normal stuff that comes up regularly?
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