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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I went to the STI clinic at my health clinic. It felt kind of weird, as a 56 year old woman, telling the young counselor (looked like a late 20s guy) about all the partners I've had this year. I wonder what he thought... Women of my age aren't supposed to be gettin it on with so many people! lol I'm supposed to be knitting and rocking my grandchildren. It was kind of surreal.

Two of my coworkers, both in their early 20s, were talking about sex yesterday. I made a few comments and one asked me if I was married. I said, "No, I'm separated but I have lovers," and at the word "lovers" he got all bashful, turned red, and said, "Oh alright, alright" as if to say, "Oh, shut up, don't tell me that!" So strange to think that sex is only for the young and limber - what about all of us old and creaky folk?
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