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Originally Posted by VegasMamma View Post
It was always said that there was no problem with me sleeping with him if the opportunity ever arose.
Did she say this directly to you AFTER you moved in? Did you every bring it up to her or check in with her to she how she was handling things AFTER you started sleeping with her husband? Did the three of you ever sit down and discuss how/when she wanted to be informed that things had changed?

I was under the impression that if any one of us were wanting to bring someone new into the picture it was to be discussed.
The land of assumptions leads to getting bit in the ass more times than not, because nobody is "assuming" the same thing or everyone has different ideas of what was agreed upon.

My suggestion is that we are all sitting down and talking about it because somewhere somehow something was misunderstood and that there is a lack of communication. But I'm confused how she can just make that decision and cut me off completely making me just a roomate
Just as you were angry when you discovered your b/f making out with his ex, she is angry and could be making knee jerk reactions based on what she believes is betrayal by both of you. If she "assumed" she would be told when your relationship became sexual and no one bothered to tell her, it's not hard to see why she would think you guys were doing things behind her back. When you sit down to talk with each other do away with ALL assumptions. Never assume someone knows something, unless you have specifically told them, not just hinted at.
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