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Angry Problems? I'm confused. HELP!

So, I am fairly new to the whole poly thing... I've researched it and understand and am accepting of the dynamics involved

I met my "boyfriend" online many years ago. We flirted and had fun, hit it off, and I fell in love, so on and so forth. He told me he was married but that his wife was okay with our "relationship". In the process her and I became very good friends as well. It was always said that there was no problem with me sleeping with him if the opportunity ever arose.

So here I am now, moved from another state with my 2 children, living with them for the past 7 months, and he and I have obviously been sleeping together. They call me their 2nd wife, we are happy and get along perfectly. So what's the problem you ask?

Recently one of their ex girlfriends was over visiting and I caught the two of them in the bathroom messing around. Yes, jealousy hit hard, and I got angry... I was under the impression that if any one of us were wanting to bring someone new into the picture it was to be discussed.

So being angry and upset about what happened, my friends wife asks me, what was wrong, and I told her. Then she point blank asks me if I've been having a relationship with him. Well, yeah... WHAT!?!?! Um... I thought you knew! My feelings were that I wasn't going to discuss my sexual relationship I was having with him, just like I don't want to hear about their sexual relationship

So now she is angry she felt we lied to her, I'm angry because I thought she knew, and now she wants it to end between us.

I'm heartbroken that I now live here, my kids call them Dad and mamma and here I am being told that I can no longer have a sexual relationship with the man I love.


My suggestion is that we are all sitting down and talking about it because somewhere somehow something was misunderstood and that there is a lack of communication. But I'm confused how she can just make that decision and cut me off completely making me just a roomate
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