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Default how soon should you meet your lover's girlfriend?

I just started seeing this guy who is in a polyamorous relationship. I should also say that I have n o intention of wanting something more serious from him. At our second date he said it was very important to him that i meet his girlfriend. I told him that I would like a little time to figure out what I was doing with him and basically just get to know him. Meeting his girlfriend so soon felt a bit awkward and I simply wasnt ready yet. After the third date I went along with meeting his girlfriend at a mutual workout. I thought it would be a good first meeting because we would be in the class working out and that would distract us from the awkwardness. However she never showed up, because she was too tired. Instead I was asked to come to their place the next day for our next date and then I could also meet her there. I must admit it felt a bit wierd and I said I wasnt ready for such a big step...I suggested she come to workout again next week. I was more ready for taking a smaller step.

So I am wondering here, am I breaking the 'rules' by wanting to take small steps? How soon 'should you meet your lover's girlfriend?
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