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Originally Posted by RunningMan View Post
After posting on here and talking to a few friends about my situation, I have decided to have "The Poly" conversation with my partner. I have been a little hesitant, which I thought was kind of normal, you know embarking on a new path of life. My friend said that I shouldn't be this nervous and should feel comfortable having this conversation after 10 yrs.

So my question is, were you guys nervous or apprehensive before you had the conversation with you significant other?

How did you break the ice, did you joke about it, or just jump right into it?
You're allowed to be nervous. I had the "Poly Talk" with my fiance this Spring and we'd been together for 13 years at that point and I was definitely nervous. I think it's crazy for someone to tell you that you shouldn't be nervous simply because you've been together for so long. IMO, you probably have a lot more to risk than someone newly into a relationship. There is the relationship and if things go badly, the material things, too.

We had been exposed to the poly theory at a discussion group we attend several months prior to me broaching the subject, so I used that to lead into the conversation.

It fell like a lead balloon and he said that if that's how I felt, then we should reconsider getting married. I back pedaled quickly. A couple of weeks later he approached me about it and we went from there. He needed that time to think and consider things.
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