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Hey there! Yes, I'm definitely new to all this. I've only been in this relationship for a near 8 months (my first of this nature).

Your thoughts are soothing... thanks so much!

I'm sure that the anticipation is worse than the actual experience. Almost like getting a shot, or drawing blood. Heh.

My partner has hooked up a couple of times before with this fling. And the fling is brought up more times in conversation than others, I've noticed, which makes it tougher, and as a result, I'm curious about the connection. In fact, we've had some hard moments because one of the times they spent the night, and I had a real tough time with that (we don't live together yet). I'm getting a little better at navigating this, and processing it, but it's still tough.

I know that meeting will help. My partner is probably pushing for us to meet to take away any some of my jealous feelings.

(Deep breath)... getting ready to do this in an hour or so, and hoping to feel confident and charming...
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