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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I am not interested in A romantic relationship, much less in multiple ones, and the same goes for sex right now. And the things that give me joy right now are decidedly non-sexual/romantic.

I'm quite content.
Then by all means put your time and energy into these types of relationships. However, don't let yourself be cut off from everyone, that only feeds depressive tenancies and is not healthy (yes, I speak from experience). If you feel you aren't connecting well with certain people, look for others you may have more in common with, but don't cut yourself off completely from everyone else while you look.

It's OK to tell your friends "I'm on drama overload right now, can we just go out, see a movie, band, etc and not talk about anything deep and emotional tonight?" If your friends are REALLY friends, they will understand and be happy to just have a fun evening.

Thursday's happen to be the highlight of my week now, as that is the day I meet up with a group of people I now consider to be my best friends. I may not talk to any of them the rest of the week, except on fb, but meeting up with them once a week (usually as a group), to just sit and chat, watch movies, sew, etc is wonderful. Obviously not everyone can make it every week, but we try. The routine helps build that closeness, especially when the rest of the week is taken up with family and work activities. If I didn't have the set schedule, I'd probably never see them.
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