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Default The mandatory I've given up on poly post

I don't go out much unless I absolutely have to, don't like to go to see friends, either. A poly/cheating disaster just blew up in my circle of closest friends, and has cost me at leat one best friend and possibly also the support of that spiritual group I loved and cherished for so many years. If somebody calls, I don't like to pick up, since I don't want to hear anyone going on about their problems.

Besides, I don't like to think about anyone in a romantic or sexual context at all. All of it just feels really yucky.

But eschewing that, I also think that poly is just not me, like ray also figured out some time ago. I am not interested in A romantic relationship, much less in multiple ones, and the same goes for sex right now. And the things that give me joy right now are decidedly non-sexual/romantic.

I'm quite content.
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