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Eh slightly more complicated than that. I actually don't want to air any of this to him. Its more an issue of, do I owe it to him to let him decide if he's ok with me being in what is very quickly becoming an actual relationship with someone else. He confronts me about the friendships and asks if "I love him". He occasionally alludes to the fact that he can pull back on the whole allowing me to be with anyone else sexually at any time for any reason. Which at this point in life I won't go back to. So my quandary becomes, do I tell him and let him make this decision before life changes like buying a house, changing careers, ect.... or do I wait till he sees it himself, could be more accepting of it, could not be, but he will have already made those decisions based on me. If it weren't for that, I'd be content to just let things play out and see what happens. It feels a little like cheating to me, but I will take that on myself before airing it and possibly hurting someone. The fact that he still thinks that this is a negotiable set up, and that he isn't ok with the idea of being with someone who is truly poly and not just in it for the sex is what concerns me.
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