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Question Anita Blake

Has anyone else read this series? It's basically supernatural smut and Anita sleeps with everyone but in the last few novels they've started taking a more poly turn, and the author directly calls Anita's life as being polyamorous. Basically she has two live in boyfriends and they have a pretty awesome triad going on (I know I would LOVE to have that kind of a relationship ) Plus she has a few other serious relationships and than a couple of flings, and some of the boyfriends have other lovers as well. I found the last 3 novels or so pretty interesting as Anita is starting to analyze and label her relationships, I thought that at times it really does strike on what poly is about, she discusses the different types of emotions she has for her lovers and talks about the fact that she loves her main squeezes equally and how each of them has personality traits that complete her. If anything it sparked my interest in poly even more

Just wondering if anyone else has read this series and what you're thoughts are on it, and if you haven't you should just so I have someone to discuss this with!!
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