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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
My advice, Tahirabs, is to fully enjoy the remaining time you have together. Every single moment is precious and sacred. More than that, love is what life is all about.

Love one another, as deeply and as fully and as completely as you can.

Don't let the fear of what may come tomorrow steal today's joy.

And when the time comes, let your loved one go. Trust that everything that must be will be. You can trust that love will always find a way.
Thank you Thank you Thank you... this advice is most headed. Love does always find away. If we (me and my gf) don't find away (at all) than it must not be really love. I do belive that what ever happens happens for a reason, I just forgot for a moment. Thank you for the reminder.

Guess what is soooo cool.... as long as the weather permits my hsband, gf, and I are going to drive from KS to the Grand Canyon just before Christmas!!! Hope the weather isn't too bad. The coolest part was every holtel room I got my husband called up and requested a Queen/King bed so we could all sleep together. This was his idea!!! He got sad that I had gotten double beds!!! Isn't that sweet...and awsome!!! YAH I am soo happy
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